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Finding the Light #2

A Year of Sunlight

On August Fields, Aged Like Wine

Ripe, Luscious, and Full

I’ve posted about this photograph before but thought to add a bit more to that story in support of its inclusion in the PhotoMidwest Spring Member show.

I’ve already written about how long it took to finally get to this moment of illumination, but what I didn’t say then was how fleeting the moment was. Just a minute or two after I took this picture, the sun had moved on, shifting the light through the trees and shadow fell across the entire stand of grass. For me, this blade of grass burns brighter for the memory of how transitory that illumination was. It seems photography, like life, is always walking that line between working towards a transcendent moment, being present enough in its moment to experience it and then still enough to let it flow on and away gracefully into memory as it must.


Finding the Light #2

(Middleton, WI)

2022 PhotoMidwest Spring Member Show

- Photo and haiku by Byron Glick



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