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Finding the Light

A Year of Sunlight

On August Fields, Aged Like Wine

Ripe, Luscious, and Full

Though the haiku with this photography speaks of light on fields, I found this little gift, just outside my backdoor in a stand of Karl Forrester grasses we planted a few years back. Late one afternoon, I went out to refill our bird feeder and walking back in saw the sunlight filtering through the tree canopy behind our house and playing across the grasses. An hour of photography ensued and to be honest, I was more than a little frustrated, feeling I hadn't captured the moment. I resolved to just stop and try again some other day, but took one more picture... this one, which turned out to be the one. Perhaps it was the practice inherent in the other 40 or 50 shots I took, that enabled this one. It would seem there is no substitute for time invested regardless of the effort.



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