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The Smallest Root Tip

Fingered Deep in the Dark Earth

Humming Silently


And the Highest Leaf

Responds, Lifting a Rustling

To the Listening Sky


These Are a Tree’s Notes

Root and Leaf, Limb and Bark, In

Gentle Harmony

All the Songs of Trees, 

A Souza March of Pines up

The Tall Mountain Side


Delicate Cantos

Of A Japanese Maple 

In Filtered Sunlight


Towering Front Yard

Oaks Crooning Lullabies of

Shade Across our Homes

An Autumn Aria 

Of Maples, Oaks and Walnuts

Splashed Across Valleys


The Booming Echoes 

Of Cathedral Organs Sprung 

To Sequoia Life


Flora and Fauna,

Color and Light, the Forest 

Is God’s Orchestra

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