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The Rivers of Glacier National Park

This Flowing Water

And Standing Rock, Unchanging

Yet Never the Same

Water may not be the first thing that comes to mind when one thinks of Glacier National Park. Certainly, the eponymous glaciers come to mind and probably mountains as well. The park has lots of both on full display. But there’s another standout in the park and it’s the rivers that run off those glaciers. Leaving aside the concern that global warming is driving a surge in those rivers, they have always been a part of Glacier. Some are quiet little streams over multi- colored glacial till, as captured in Michele’s image, "Ripples in Time". Others are big and muscular, full of motion and sound, like this month’s image “The Dance”. I used a long lens to shorten the foreground of rock walls around the waterfall, tucking in great slabs of solid rock around the rushing water behind. I also used a slower shutter-speed (and a tripod) to contrast the motion of the water with the solid rock.



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