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The Ballerinas

It is That Season

Opera, Symphony, and Dance

Artists, Poised, Ready

One of the amazing things about nature is how it so liberally reuses forms across species, media, and locations. These “ballerinas” are certainly metaphorical, but I can’t help but feel there is also some actual physical kinship between their graceful reach and that of a dedicated ballerina en point. The camera is a patient investigator of patterns so I guess it’s no surprise that it finds these echoes of form across the natural and human-made worlds.


This particular picture was taken on dreary winter day when Michele and I sought refuge in the Bolz Conservancy in Olbrich Gardens. If you haven’t been, don’t let the pictures be your only experience of it. Year round, even in the frozen tundra times of mid-Winter it is a delightfully tropical journey with the aforementioned “Ballerinas” but also chubby little quail making their way through the undergrowth and finches matching the volume of green with their sweet voices. It’s easy to say “magical” but the good folks at Olbrich Gardens practice it on a daily basis both in the Conservancy and in the outdoor gardens.



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