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Sky and Sunrise

Captured in His Gaze

Bluebird Echoes the Colors

Of Sky and Sunrise

Photography isn’t about the equipment until it is. That’s doubly true of wildlife photography where one of the biggest challenges is showing proper respect for your subject while also getting close enough for a good shot. I got to thinking about equipment with this shot because it was my first time out with a new lens, but also because I got to spend 15 minutes with this little blue guy. Sometimes he was watching me as in this image but other times he was preening, stretching a leg, or just generally hanging out. The new lens in question is the Canon 100-500mm. This image was shot at 500mm so I got to stand a good way off, where I was only a small part of this guy’s world. He felt safe just perching on his limb, living his life. For me, that’s more important than getting the shot.



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