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Sadness and Joy

Low Clouds and Sunshine

A Slow Dance, Quiet, Intense

Like Sadness and Joy

We recently let go of our sweet, 18 year-old, smokey grey cat, Earl. He was always a delight, loving to stretch out in my lap purring quietly, loudly announcing his conquest of catnip mice in the evening, all in all a gentle loving soul. We miss him deeply even as the memories bring a smile to our faces.

I was sitting on our front porch contemplating all this when a low cloud kind of day began to turn sunny. Clouds were rolling across the sky with the sun showing up now and again to brighten the mood. I grabbed my camera and walked the few blocks to a wetlands near our house which affords a great sky view among other delights and started taking pictures.

I’d brought my whole pack of gear so was trying out different compositions. This particular picture was taken with the Canon 15-28mm wide angle at 17mm. The sky and marsh beneath it were generous that day and when I was done, walking back home, I felt somehow comforted by the experience, the dance of light and dark, weaving slowly around each other like sadness and joy.


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