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In Praise of Summer

In Praise of Summer

Let Us Raise Our Hearts and Hands

To the Sun and Sky

This picture was taken on the last day of August which always seems to me to be the last day of summer and these flowers seemed to be a celebration of all the nostalgic ideas we hold of summer. It was a picture-perfect Wisconsin summer day with clear blue sky, temperatures in the mid 70’s and the month of yellow flowers on full display along all the paths of the Arboretum.

Technically this was taken with a Canon 100-500mm lens (which I seriously love) with a polarizing filter, which only partially accounts for the saturation of the colors. Even before I raised my camera, I saw these colors, my favorite combination of deep blue and yellow, and felt a surge of joy and somehow comfort. It was if nature was conspiring to show me beauty on terms I couldn’t miss.

The camera has become a time machine. In a specific moment, capturing an image that is now, days and weeks later, capable of transporting me back to that warm sunny day on the gravel paths through Curtis Prairie



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