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Finding the Gift

I’ve discovered the act of photography, when I allow it, strengthens my ability to be more present in the moment. When I release the goal of finding “the perfect shot” and instead slow down and linger over a scene, I see the photographic possibilities already laid out right in front of me.

With this in mind, my husband and photography partner, Byron, and I took a photography stroll through the Picnic Point Area of the UW-Madison Lakeshore Nature Preserve. I’ve been to this location many times and know it well.

We stepped off the main path and that’s when it happened - we found The Gift, a single large red rose with its thick stem embedded into a foot-tall tree stump.

How curious! Who installed this love alter? Why here? What was their intention? To protect this place? To honor the past? To propose a future?

Research yielded the following: a single red rose has several meanings including courage, sacrifice, love, passion and the prediction that you’re going to meet your soul mate. Was it a coincidence that the day we found this rose was our anniversary?

May you, my friend, find The Gift today.


Who Left This One Rose

And Why, a Story Few

Can Tell but All Know


Finding the Gift

- Photo by Michele Gast

- Haiku by Byron Glick



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