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Fields in Light and Shadow #1

Sunlight Spills Like a

Promise of Springtime Across

The Winter Bare Fields

Michele and I recently moved to a new house. It's been a few months and the sound and fury of moving has calmed down a bit. We're returning to our hearts work which includes our photography. And as heart work will, this month's entry pulled me back to being grounded in the things I value, one of which is the landscape view out our windows. This picture was taken at the old place. The new one doesn't have this same kind of view so there's more than a little melancholy in this photograph for me, but also a gentle reminder of power of landscape to create awe, beauty and grace in our lives. And the possibility of being surprised and delighted by a future I didn't know I had. There was a time, when I didn't know this view, much less see it out my own window. I find myself wondering about a future with another view like this one. I hope I'm always surprised and delighted when the possible future reaches back into my present to open my eyes to the awe, beauty and grace of the natural world.



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