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When Spring Meets Winter

They Kiss, In Color, In Light,

And Melting Water

Eight years ago this March I happened upon a most magical site - a frosted forest!  It was early morning, the breeze was calm and the sun was just beginning to peak through fog.

Inspired, I quickly drove home, gathered my camera equipment, and returned to the forest (in the UW-Arboretum).  I was grateful to find the frost still standing - on everything - as far as the eye could see.

I slowly hiked through the ephemeral wonderland, admiring the alchemy of flora + crystal.  Within an hour the pageant was over, frost melting slowly then quickly.  I watched until the end.


The Winter of 2023-24 has been unseasonably warm and dry in southern Wisconsin.  I find myself longing for the cold and snow (and frosted forests).



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