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Desert Fireworks

We were late: the height of the ‘super bloom’ was over. We made plans to explore Southern California without taking into consideration this event, it would have been a lovely coincidence had it coincided with our travels, but it wasn’t meant to be.

With this understanding and excitement none-the-less, we explored Joshua Tree National Park, traveling south to north. Surprisingly, in the southern ecosystem we spotted patchy areas of wildflowers in bloom: poppies, chia, desert Canterbury bells, desert dandelion, purple mat. What a delight!

Further north we encountered flowering cacti, beavertail and teddybear cholla. I was over the moon appreciative to happen upon these colorful treasures.

But what stole my heart was what we stumbled upon next, the Ocotillo. I had never experienced these architectural, other-worldly marvels. I thought we were late (that the height of the super bloom was over), but these plants were in their prime: tall, muscular, majestic…and in full bloom. I was in awe.

Bursting above earth

Emerald sun beams touch sky

Crimson blossoms sing



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