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Carpe Diem (for Doris)

Sometimes you don’t know the significance of a photo until after much time and reflection. This sunrise was taken 12 years ago during the flight home after the death of my beloved mother-in-law, Doris. Being with her and family during her final days was loving and healing, and the sunrise that final day seemed to paint that sentiment across the sky.

Over the last several years the impact of this photograph has grown stronger for me as life’s challenges, lessons and gifts continue to unfold. Change, both planned and unforeseen, is both generative and difficult. I hope someday to get better at it.

This photo, Carpe Diem, reminds me of the power we have to love, heal and make a positive difference every day.

May you, my friends, seize the day.


Even Though She’s Gone

She Still Kindles Light and Warmth

Like a Rising Sun


Carpe Diem (for Doris

(Up in the Air)

- Photo by Michele Gast

- Haiku by Byron Glick



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