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Bumble Bee Magic

Sunflower beckons

Offers nectar for pollen

Bumble bee magic

Sometimes we are mysteriously drawn to a place.  One day, out of the blue, my imagination suggested I visit Pope Farm Conversancy, and off I went, eager to hike and photograph prairie and wild life.  As I walked into the conservancy along the multicolored stone fence (glacial erratics!), I happened upon an intimate garden plot planted in stunning orange sunflowers.  Huge.  Orange.  Sunflowers.  I lingered there, admiring the sunflowers’ brilliant hues and the community of bees visiting them all.  It was a flower-bee love affair.

Sometimes we are mysteriously drawn to a place.  And sometimes when we examine why, we realize it’s just our nature, our own love affair with the mystery of life.


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