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Adagio in Crimson

Crabapples Blooming

A Luscious Adagio

In Shades of Crimson

Light spreads across the spectrum like the notes of a symphony on a staff. The interplays, the harmonies, the counterpoints work changes in our eyes and hearts like any well played piece of beautiful music. I’m fond of saying the camera is a time machine, capturing moments, ready to bring them back in an instant.  It is also a kind of almost musical instrument, capturing all the complexities of light and time and replaying them for our pleasure.


One of our vibes at Prairie Star is making the visible world seen and these crabapples in their May splendor remind me of that. The mechanics of that alchemy?  RF 100-500mm at f7.1 with an R5 body.


Oh but the lingering notes of color, light, and shadow whatever the mechanics might be.



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