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Above Tuolumne

Birthplace of Glaciers

Grown Here, Before Their Labors

For Grace and Beauty

Yosemite National Park is so full of grace and beauty. Meadows, waterfalls, and rock faces take one’s breath away at every turn. It’s hard to wrap your head around that all as one thing, balanced, delicate, whole. That light went on for me one afternoon at Tuolumne Meadows high on the Eastern side of the park. I’d gotten up before dawn to capture Half Dome as the sun rose which resulted in “Half Dome in Blue”. Perhaps that had stamped the valley in my head so that later that day, that afternoon at Tuolumne, it seemed clear to me that the glaciers that would so masterfully carve out the Yosemite Valley started somewhere, maybe here. I’m not geologist enough to know the facts, but I do know that suddenly, it felt as if time and distance had been dissolved and there was only one Yosemite, ancient and divine, transcending anything we could conceive or do with our hands, hearts, and minds.



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